3 Myths About Divorce Mediation

Whenever a couple wants a divorce, it is a time consuming, emotional, and expensive process for the whole family. For many cases, as the cost for divorce goes up, so does the time invested. If children are involved in the divorce process, it can make it a much more complicated, dragged out court case. When this happens, it inevitably puts a strain on family relationships.

As many families are searching for a new way to divorce without the complications or time commitment of a legal battle, a great alternative to traditional divorcing is divorce mediation. This process is often quicker, and guided by a divorce mediator who directs the two parties down a path of mutual agreement. The divorce mediator works in place of a judge who may not always decide what is best for both parties. As many people are hesitant to try divorce mediation due to a lack of knowledge about what divorce mediators do, we will debunk 3 common divorce mediation myths below:

Myth 1: A divorce can be settled for just $399

A divorce is much more complicated and costly than just $399. Many advertisers will try to gain you as a customer for this small fee, but this does not include the legal guidance of a lawyer. This small price only includes a non-lawyer signing paperwork for you, and the filing fees are the same amount or more than a licensed attorney. You can also not get divorced without your spouse signing the paperwork, and you are left to file the paperwork yourself after paying the “small” fee.

As many people see this flat rate fee as an affordable solution, after you pay there is very little help with the divorce process. With a divorce mediator, you do not have to sacrifice the quality of service, and they will help you every step of the way.

Many people think that mediation does not equal a legally binding agreement. When both parties sign the mediated divorce agreement, the paper is just as legally binding as if a judge had signed the paper. If one of the parties fails to agree with the terms, then the separation agreement cannot be enforced, just as if it was ruled under a judge.

Myth 2: Divorce Mediation is only used for simple cases

Another frequent misunderstanding about mediation is that it is only helpful for rather simple cases. In actuality, mediation can be both used for both simple and complex cases, even a divorce involving child support. Mediation for complex cases can benefit everyone as neither party has to pay outrageous costs that can often be associated with court cases. If your divorce is complex, the added flexibility of a mediator may be more beneficial than a judge. A judge may choose terms for both parties that are at a disadvantage to them, but a mediator can help decide mutual terms that don’t end in complications or disputes later down the road.

Myth 3: In Order to mediate, both parties need to agree on everything

Lastly, mediation is sometimes misconstrued as being practical only for couples that are already in agreement about the divorce. This is not the case at all and divorce mediation will work out what is best for both parties. If both parties already agreed on terms, then the divorce mediation would not be necessary! Meditation will help both parties better communicate, and listen to concerns to help each other arrive at a common ground.

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